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Already 3.9 million raised via the Red Cross for victims who…

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3.9 million euros in donations has already been deposited into the special account number opened by Belgian Red Cross-Flanders and Croix-Rouge de Belgique. In addition, more than 10,700 Flemings applied as crisis volunteers.

The solidarity of the Belgians with the victims of the flood is great. EUR 3.9 million has already been deposited into the national account number BE70 0000 0000 2525 of Belgian Red Cross-Flanders and Croix Rouge de Belgique. The Red Cross thanks everyone and will look later at how and where the financial resources will be used.

The call for crisis volunteers was also well received: more than 10,700 Flemish people applied to help with the tasks to be carried out in the coming days and weeks, such as clearing rubble and cleaning up.

The acute emergency phase is currently still in effect in most regions. This means that rescue work is still in progress, suspected missing persons are traced, water supply is restored, heavy debris is cleared to make roads accessible again, to stabilize houses, etc. The regions in Wallonia are in particular still busy with this.

‘After the acute emergency phase and when the water recedes, the concrete needs of the victims will become clear’, says Nena Testelmans, spokesperson for Belgian Red Cross-Flanders. ‘It is mainly the affected municipalities and cities that indicate where help is needed. Based on these needs, concrete tasks will be planned to help all victims efficiently and in the long term. To enable efficient assistance, it is important to have a good idea of ​​the effective needs and to focus on good organization and coordination in the field. We are now working hard on that.’

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