Already partying at Genk and Anderlecht! Promise teams are sure of 1B | Jupiler Pro League

At Racing Genk and Anderlecht you can drink a glass of champagne today. Not because of the first teams, but because their promise teams have been certain of the coveted spots in 1B next season since Monday evening.

While the focus at Genk and Anderlecht is currently on achieving the Europe Play-off and the Champions’ Play-off with the A-team on the last day of the JPL, there was already reason to celebrate on Monday evening.

Maybe even a big party, because the importance of the victories of the promise teams of Genk and Anderlecht should not be underestimated. The U21 of both clubs each won a crucial game.

Genk won convincingly 5-0 against Charleroi. Anderlecht also convincingly took the victory on the field of AA Gent with 0-4 (see video).

Because of those victories, Genk and Anderlecht can no longer fall out of the top four because competitors Club Brugge and AA Gent still have to play against each other. Club and Gent both need the maximum of the points to push Genk and Anderlecht out of the top four, but that is no longer possible due to the mutual duel.

For Genk and Anderlecht, the coveted ticket for 1B is a fact.

Club Brugge, Standard, AA Gent and Charleroi compete with four for the other two places in 1B next season. Charleroi needs a miracle to make it.

Nerves are increasing in Bruges, Ghent and Liège

In any case, players and board in Bruges, Ghent and Liège will be a bit more nervous about their seats since last night. The battle promises to be a very exciting one.

It is not only Club Brugge and Gent who will play against each other on Monday. Club and Gent also each still have to play against Standard.

Club Brugge, AA Gent, Standard and Charleroi are also all four against Racing Genk, which is still unbeaten this season.

Every point can be important, as Club currently has eight points more than AA Gent in third, but has also played three more matches.

Standings (of the teams that still have a chance at top four)

Matches Goal difference Points
1. Racing Genk 16 +40 44
2. Anderlecht 19 +32 44
3. Club Brugge 19 +31 36
4. Standard 16 +7 32
5. AA Gent 16 +6 28
6. Charleroi 18 -18 21
*there are 22 matches to play

Summary Ghent – Anderlecht

The promise competition and 1B: what was the weather like?

Last summer, after months of negotiations and arguing, a “historic agreement” was found between all parties (professional clubs themselves and with the amateur clubs) to distribute a total of 14 promise teams from professional clubs from the 2022-2023 season over 1B, 1st national and 2nd amateur ( see box, below).

A total of 14 promising teams can get a ticket for a non-youth series: 4 tickets for 1B, 4 tickets for 1st national, 6 tickets for 2nd amateur.

  • The top 4 of series A -> 1B
  • 5-8 Series A -> 1st National
  • numbers 1 and 2 series B – > 2nd amateur
  • 9th series A -> 2nd amateur
  • Numbers 10,11,12 from series A play a jump-off match against numbers 3,4,5 series B -> for three remaining tickets in 2nd amateur.