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A photo: | Dmitry Shulpin

Photos of the updated BMW X5 crossover appeared on the Web, taken at some kind of closed presentation, where the car was shown without camouflage. It is important that the “X-fifth” retain the traditional facial expression, although the related BMW X7 gained a new look with double-deck optics last year. The new style so far relies only on the largest and most prestigious models of the company. And the restyled BMW X5 has gained narrower headlights, a different front bumper and illuminated nostrils.

At the stern there are modified lanterns with large sections and a different bumper. So far, these are all visible changes. And we can get an idea of ​​the restyled interior from the spy photos that our freelance writer Dmitry Shulpin sent to the Autoreview editor: he was lucky to meet the prototype on one of the roads in California. The BMW X5 will have the same front panel as other current models of the company – with a single peakless panel, on which two large screens are located.

Information about technical updates is not yet available. Most likely, following the platform models, the BMW X5 will acquire an upgraded petrol “six”, and a 48-volt starter-generator will become standard equipment for all versions. According to preliminary information, the premiere of the updated range should take place in early February.



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