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Alsace: antisemitic and racist tags on the house of a mayor

"Jude", "Migrant raus" … Anti-Semitic and racist tags, targeting in particular the prefect of the Grand Est region and migrants, were inscribed on the house of the mayor of Brumath (Bas-Rhin) in the night from Thursday to Friday .

"All the facades of the house and the garage door were tagged on two meters high," said Brumath Mayor Etienne Wolf, "bewildered".

It was written, he detailed: "Marx = Jude" (Jewish in German) next to a swastika, "The Jewish prefect Marx, we do not want more migrants", "Migrant raus" (out in German) or "Elus Alsatians = sold".

"I have never been confronted with this problem"

"My name was nowhere, but my house was targeted as an Alsatian elector," he added, adding that he was Catholic and had taught religion for thirty years.

A complaint was lodged with the gendarmerie and criminal identification technicians carried out an index survey, said the elected, who is also vice-president of the departmental council of Bas-Rhin.

Mr. Wolf then had the inscriptions covered with paint. "It's been 18 years since I was mayor, I have never faced this problem," he added.

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Five other communes affected

Antisemitic inscriptions targeting, among others, the prefect, Jean-Luc Marx, have been noted in recent weeks in five other communes of Bas-Rhin. The prefect filed a complaint after these facts, added the prefecture without further details.

In a statement, LR Chairman Jean Rottner denounced "acts (which) are contrary to the spirit of respect for the Other and humanism that characterize our territories" and shares his "Deep indignation".

Prime Minister Édouard Philippe announced Friday, 80 years after the fatal night of Cristal and his Nazi atrocities against Jews in Germany on November 9, 1938, that anti-Semitic acts in France had increased by more than 69% over the past nine years. first months of 2018.


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