Alsatian resistance to fascism: 1943, a bloody year

On this Thursday, June 1, the CGT (Departmental Union and Railway Workers’ Union) organized a tribute on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the assassination of the members of the Wodli Group, one of the groups of workers’ resistance to the Nazis in Alsace, in Lutterbach, one of the resistant centers of Alsatian railway workers.

Jonathan Seiler and Pierre Schmitt explained the reason for this day of exchanges and information: “the risk of seeing the extreme right come back to power in many European countries by wanting to hide its true face, is so great that we must remember what were the highlights of fascism when it dominated Europe from the 1930s.

In addition, the singularity of the Alsatian resistance deserves to be constantly recalled because it cannot be analyzed and experienced like what was happening elsewhere in France. The ignorance of this ancestral history by the Alsatians themselves, and in doing so what distinguishes our region…

2023-06-03 15:21:31

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