Business Alstom order pushes battery system manufacturer Akasol

Alstom order pushes battery system manufacturer Akasol


Dhe young company Akasol AG from Darmstadt is regarded as the Hessian model company in the field of electromobility. It manufactures special battery systems for buses and trucks. So for e-buses, which are also in high demand from cities in the Rhine-Main area. The city of Wiesbaden wants to bring exactly 120 electric buses to its streets by 2021. Akasol has a high order backlog that far exceeds sales. But the price of the Akasol share has been bumping for weeks. The title is a good third below its twelve-month high and at the level of January last year.

Thorsten Winter

Thorsten Winter

Business editor and internet coordinator in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

There are reasons for this: Akasol cut its sales forecast at the beginning of November. Investors reacted frightened, selling the stock, which dropped by up to eight percent. The company claimed that a customer called battery systems late. Another customer is also selling fewer vehicles than expected. But now the company is announcing a new large order in the low double-digit million range – which will give the share new energy, at least in the short term.

Use in local traffic

As Akasol reports, the train manufacturer Alstom has ordered battery systems for 40 so-called Coradia iLint trains. These trains were commissioned by the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund, which wants to use them in the Taunus, and the Lower Saxony regional public transport company. In these trains, Akasol will use its technology in the series production of Alstom's first fuel cell-powered commuter train, the Darmstadt-based company emphasizes. As a result, the company expanded its customer base.

Akasol is said to deliver the first battery systems in the second half of this year. And: "All 40 systems are expected to be delivered by 2021". The series order is the result of a collaboration "in which we were able to use our know-how in alternative drive technology for rail vehicles from the test phase until the official approval of the Coradia iLint and to develop it further with our partner according to his specific requirements," Akasol quotes his CEO Sven Schulz.

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