Altaf Moti: Will the G7 scheme for Russia’s oil price ceiling work?

Setting a ceiling for the sale of Russian oil and gas is the height of arrogance and arrogance, considering in advance that Russia will accept selling its oil and gas to them at the price set by them. Russia is not obliged to sell its gas and oil to Europe. All countries of the world that adhere to its sovereignty and independence do what suits its interests and benefits. It is not obliged to sacrifice its interest for the sake of the eyes of America and Britain, except for those countries that lack sovereignty and independence and are subject to American hegemony. Russia has a geographical connection with the largest consuming countries of oil and gas such as India, China, Pakistan and most Asian countries. Russia can deliver oil and gas to all these countries through a network of pipelines over which America has no control. . As for insurance issues and payment mechanisms, these are all paperwork, that is, paper work that can be solved easily and does not affect the actual course of work if there is the will and determination.