Alte Mainbrücke: City of Würzburg announces mask controls

Last weekend, the warm weather attracted more passers-by to the Alte Mainbrücke in Würzburg. Some probably did not adhere to the mask requirement, others took off the mask while they bit into a bratwurst or enjoyed a drink on the bridge.

Bridge catering “not to blame”

According to Georg Wagenbrenner, press spokesman for the city of Würzburg, the restaurateurs who sell wine and sausage “to go” on the Alte Mainbrücke are not to blame: “Every restaurateur may offer his food and drinks ‘to go’, including alcohol”, said Wagenbrenner on request from BR24. “It is also allowed for someone to buy a bratwurst, pay for it, run off and then bite into it. That counts as ‘to go’.”

Wine and sausages, ice cream and coffee

The municipal security service found during controls last weekend that mostly ice cream and coffee cups from other restaurateurs were disposed of on the bridge. “The Old Main Bridge has always been a tourist attraction, regardless of whether sausages are sold or not. That alone does not cause the crowds there,” continues Wagenbrenner.

Checks on weekends too

The city of Würzburg does not want to accept that more and more people are violating the mask requirement on the Old Main Bridge. Wagenbrenner announced increased controls in the next few weeks. The focus is on the Old Main Bridge and the city center – the places where masks are still required. Depending on the weather and current situation, the municipal security service will provide additional services – even on weekends.