Alto Adige total lockdown revocation – Trentino AA / S

11/30 reopen shops, hairdressers. Schools open on 4/12

(ANSA) – BOLZANO, NOVEMBER 24 – After the mass screening, Alto Adige revokes the total lockdown, which went beyond the measures envisaged for the red areas. “On Monday 30 November the shops, markets, as well as hairdressers and beauticians reopen.
In-attendance teaching for the sixth grade is resumed “, Governor Arno Kompatscher announced. On December 4, he added, all middle schools will open, as well as bars and restaurants. Epidemiological data are improving and the isolation of 3,400 asymptomatic patients found with screening.
Kompatscher clarified that middle schools will reopen on 4 December, while high schools should follow later, in mid-December, given their impact on public transport. “We knew that we will not have a normal ski season, another speech is instead an indefinite postponement. We need clarity for the installers as well as for the hoteliers”, added Kompatscher who hypothesized an opening of the ski in a first phase only for the premises and that of hotels at a later time. In view of the reopening on 4 December, the president announced further discussions with Rome based on an analysis of the data by experts.




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