China. By achieving a moon landing on the unexplored face of the Moon, Beijing reaffirms even more its ambitions in the field of space conquest. Also read our interview with the astrophysicist Francis Rocard, head of the solar system exploration program at the National Center for Space Studies (Cnes).

GAV. Eric Drouet, media figure of yellow vests said that his arrest was the "never seen", after his release from custody, after being arrested Wednesday night near the Champs-Elysees. The driver of Melun road had been placed in custody for organization of a demonstration without preliminary declaration. The prosecutor, for his part, recalled in a statement that Eric Drouet was "Kept on the road", "despite summons".

DRC. While the recovery of results dragged on, the African Union has gathered the main candidates in a "calming", while the Church announced that she knew the winner of the poll.

Eco. The rate of pay for Livret A and LDDS was set for two years at 0.75% by the government in April. But in 2018 inflation has returned in force which depreciates the money saved.

Resources. Since 1 January 2019, people with disabilities with a disability rate of more than 80% will have their rights extended. This revaluation of the allowance for adults with disabilities is part of a panel of measures presented by Edouard Philippe last October.

Beynac. After the suspension of work of this deviation by the Council of State Friday, its initiator, Germinal Peiro, affirms that it will continue the legal battle. The history of the case shows that he has mostly made a personal history.

Netflix. More intrigued than packaged by "Bandersnatch", "Liberation" questioned the "narrative designer" Anthony Jauneaud about this hybrid Netflix at the borders of the series and the video game.

Formula 1. Schumacher: at 50, an expo and an app against forgetting. If the mystery remains well kept on his state of health, always precarious, the legend of the sevenfold F1 world champion is revived by his Keep Fighting Foundation and his former Ferrari team.




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