Álvaro Morte, fascinated by the African version of ‘The paper house’

‘The paper house’ continues unstoppable. The Netflix series said goodbye to viewers last December with the premiere of the second part of its last season.

There will be no more chapters of fiction, but already has become a classic all over the world, a series of those that will always be in fashion.

‘La casa de papel’ has been translated into numerous languages, and has been broadcast worldwide through the streaming platform, managing to hook some of the best-known celebrities into the plot of the planet. They include Madonna, So lor revealed Úrsula Corberó during her time on the Jimmy Fallon show.

But nevertheless, Not only Hollywood has reached the acclaimed series, also to other corners of the world, and the latest to join the fan phenomenon have been those responsible for ‘Runner Studios’ recreating some of the advances of the chapters.


‘Runner Studios’ is a project born in Africa, specifically in Nigeria, in which are dedicated to versioning sequences of the most successful series and movies in the world with the resources available to them.

Among the fictions they have dared to recreate lies ‘The squid game’, Y now have decided to do the same with ‘The Money Heist’ and recreate one of his trailers.

The trailer begins with Arturito, the antagonist of the series, shooting at the scene of the robbery and asking the hostages to go out to another room. The video continues to advance at the same pace as the preview of the original series and viewers can see the different actors who embody the members of the band in their African version.

The result is impressivee, especially considering that they do it all with the few resources they have at your reach. In the images, you can see how they convert wooden planks in guns that shoot bullets, pipelines in rifles, stones on intercoms and Tshirts in makeshift wigs.


The work of ‘Runner Studios’ It is in perfect sync with the original trailer.l. Those responsible h they have managed to square every detail and every plane to be exactly the same.

In fact, to demonstrate their great work they have put their video just below the original. In addition, the great acting skills of the actors also help, and the effort has been rewarded on social networks, the video is already viral.

Among the numerous users who have seen it is Álvaro Morte. The actor in charge of giving life to The Professor in the acclaimed Netflix series has not been able to avoid surrendering to the talent of the young protagonists of the ‘remake’.

“Guys, you are simply wonderful”were the words that dedicated to them the protagonist of ‘The paper house’ those responsible for the African version of fiction.

A compliment that will surely have delighted young people. However, in ‘Runner Studios’ they do not stop working. ‘Red Alert’ has been another of the objectives of this project and that’s it have received the blessing of its protagonist , Gal Gadot.