“Always reachable with satellite connection on your Apple Watch”

The Apple Watch and satellite connection: according to the latest rumors, it’s closer than ever. When will it appear and what’s in it for you?

Satellietverbinding Apple Watch

Mark Gurman writes in his Power On newsletter for Bloomberg that the Apple Watch will get satellite connectivity in the future. And you reportedly do not have to wait long for this, because the Apple analyst expects it to be a model that will appear this or next year. The first would not surprise us: this year no fewer than three new models are expected. So there is a good chance that at least one of them will get this feature.

In addition, there are certain signals that Gurman says indicate that the Apple Watch is getting satellite connectivity. He claims that Apple has teamed up with Globalstar Inc to launch the feature. His most important piece of evidence? Globalstar wrote in February that an agreement had been reached with a “potential and secret customer” to create 17 new satellites. That must be Apple, says Gurman.

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Satellite connection iPhone

The Apple Watch is not the only device where there is speculation about satellite connection: the iPhone has been experiencing the same for some time. Last year it was rumored that the iPhone 13 would get this feature, although this turned out not to be true. Gurman himself was also skeptical about this. He wrote at the time that it would take years before the hardware for this device would be ready. So he has clearly changed his mind.

The same rumors are currently circulating about the iPhone 14: in that case satellite connection would be especially useful for emergencies. For example, he can send short messages to emergency contacts when the device has no internet connection. It remains to be seen whether this also applies to the Netherlands, because Gurman believes that the feature will only be launched in a few markets.

It remains to be seen whether all the rumors are true this time. One thing is certain: Apple seems motivated to someday implement satellite connectivity in their devices. Which device will be the first, remains the big question for the time being.

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