Alza also starts selling alcohol and drinks. By next year, it will also increase its AlzaBox network five times

AlzaDrive near the D10 motorway in Prague’s Horní Počernice

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The domestic e-commerce leader has been growing rapidly in recent months due to the coronavirus pandemic. As Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of Alza Tomáš Havryluk recently told us, he certainly does not plan to slow down, which is related to several globally set priority directions of development. Now the company has introduced other details, where in addition to entering a new segment of alcohol and beverage sales, it is also investing heavily in expanding the AlzaBox network.

The expansion of the product portfolio into new segments is one of the main drivers of Alza’s growth, which in recent years has started to offer, for example, its own organic drugstore, its own IT and electrical accessories under the AlzaPower brand and goods for dogs and cats. Now he also adds alcohol. It will now offer 700 types of still wines, champagne and sparkling wine and another 600 types of spirits, including premium rums, matured whiskey and spirits.

In connection with alcohol, Alza will also expand its segment with non-alcoholic beverages such as mineral waters and lemonades. It has included new products in its portfolio through its dropshipment, in which it allows partner sellers to use its facilities and infrastructure, including handling returns and complaints. Suppliers provide only stock and shipment of orders.


Alza Deputy Chairman of the Board Petr Bena

“We have managed to gain strong partners in an area that is traditionally rooted in retail. This spring has shown that the popularity of online shopping is growing, even in the previously typically ‘stone segments’. Thanks to this new cooperation, we will be able to respond to the increased demand and bring customers what they really want through a virtual marketplace. ” explains the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors Petr Bena.

Until recently, the company’s sales director also praises the cooperation with Shoptet, when with the help of the Alza Expando accessory, it enables e-shops to be easily connected and to be able to sell their goods directly on Alza. “Thanks to this, sales from this form of sales are constantly growing – in July it was more than 200 percent year-on-year,” adds Ben.

Hundreds of new AlzaBoxes in a few months

However, this is not the only novelty for the largest domestic e-shop. In the field of logistics, it is also working to expand the network of its AlzaBoxes, of which it currently operates a total of 205 in three countries.


By the end of the year, Alza wants to have 600 boxes in the Czech Republic

Photo: Alza

In order for Alza to be able to install another 800 boxes within a few months, it will put 120 to 150 of them into operation every month.

“From March to June 2020, the occupancy of mailboxes increased by an average of more than 130 percent compared to last year, and the company delivered hundreds of thousands of shipments throughout the period. AlzaBoxes are the ideal solution for contactless, and therefore safe, delivery of orders – picking up a shipment usually takes only a few seconds and we disinfect the boxes with each additional delivery, ” presents Jan Moudřík, Director of Expansion and Facilities.


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“It was the possibility of contactless dispensing that confirmed our decision to install new mailboxes and get closer to customers in other cities. We want to be prepared for both the main season and a possible second wave of the pandemic, ” adds Moudřík, adding that antibacterial foil will also be added to the AlzaBox display, which serves as a prevention against the spread of the disease.

Alza also invited cities, municipalities and companies to further expand their box network, which can request the location of boxes according to their needs. In addition, the e-shop will launch a franchise-based business model in the second half of the year, allowing participating partners to benefit from the operation of a storage box.

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