Alzheimer’s: the 9 most common symptoms of the disease

September 21 is World Alzheimer’s Day. New cases of dementia are estimated to be around 150 thousand every year: since Alzheimer’s constitutes at least 60% of all forms of dementia, there are 70,000 new patients in Italy every year. Currently there are about 600 thousand and for almost the entire duration of the disease they are treated at home. The average prognosis is 12 years and the people involved in assistance are 3 million, mostly women.
The Green Line of the Italian Alzheimer’s Disease Association (Aima) at the number 800 679 679 will be enhanced on the occasion of the Day. The free service tries to help families experiencing the tragedy of the disease: since 1997 it has answered over 200 thousand phone calls.
In the following sheets, i symptoms most common of the disease.