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Alzheimer’s is a degenerative brain disease that affects mainly the elderly. Brain functions such as memory, language, calculation and behavior are slowly and progressively compromised, leading the patient to a dependency to perform their daily activities.

However, it seems that a cure for the disease may be very close. This week, Swedish biopharmaceutical company Alzinova began the first clinical trials of a vaccine against Alzheimer’s disease. The first patient to receive the dose lives in Finland.

The immunizing agent called “ALZ-101” will be used primarily in volunteers with the disease at an early stage.

“We look forward to continuing the development of this potentially revolutionary treatment for the disease with the long-term goal of treating and preventing the onset and progression of this devastating disease,” said Alzinova CEO Kristina Torfgard in a press release.

Scientists will now look at the safety of the vaccine, which is used to directly combat the accumulated protein chains in the brain that cause Alzheimer’s.

The Phase 1b clinical trial of the ALZ-101 vaccine in patients with early Alzheimer’s will study the immune response to the immunizer after multiple doses, as well as a range of disease-associated biomarkers.

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According to the researchers, there will be a total of 26 patients included in the study. Participants will receive four doses of ALZ-1010, or placebo. The study investigates two different dosages of ALZ-1010 over a 20-week treatment period.

Results in 2023

Key data for the study is anticipated to the second half of 2023. The clinical trial is being conducted in Finland by Alzinova’s partner, Clinical Research Services Turku (CRST), who has extensive experience in studies of Alzheimer’s disease.

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The analysis of biomarkers will be done through a research collaboration with the Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg, Sweden.