Amalia’s friend and William’s mistress –

If an Englishman wants to know about Prince William’s possible affair with his wife’s best friend Kate, he should read a Scottish newspaper. In England it is forbidden to write about the alleged affair.

If you want to know who is (presumably) the boy with whom Crown Princess Amalia was in New York, then you have to rely on the German press. The Dutch royal family has effectively muzzled the national press: anyone who writes about the private lives of our royals will be put on a blacklist.

Kings have lost almost all their power, but in practice not their power to keep unwelcome pieces out of the press.

As for Amalia: the boy it would be ‘on’ with is Isebrand Kaldewei.

He is 19 years old and he is currently studying Business Innovation at Tilburg University and before that he studied in America for a year. Isebrand is from Münster and his family runs a sanitary ware company that is known worldwide.

At the end of November, Isebrand and Amalia were in New York.

And as for William, English-language media claims that during his wife Kate’s last pregnancy, he had an affair with Rose, Hanbury, a girlfriend of Kate’s. But most English don’t know about that riot. It may not be published in England.

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