Amanda Stanton is no longer in detention following her arrest on September 10, but she faces up to six months in prison and a heavy fine, HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVE has learned. Find out why, here!

After Amanda Stanton Arrest for alleged domestic violence on September 10, the old adage may need to be changed. What happens in Vegas could stay in Vegas, we learned now. The Bachelor in Paradise Star was arrested after giving her boyfriend Bobby Jacobs "What she thought was a playful shock," according to the September 11 statement by Amanda's representative, Steve honey, gave Access. The security of the Encore Hotel did not look that way and called the police, confirming the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Hollywood life, Now the 28-year-old reality TV star is scheduled to return to Las Vegas to hold a court on October 10 Radar Online, And Las Vegas lawyer attorney Cristina Hinds Explains HL exclusively what Amanda in Nevada awaits in court. "In Nevada, the battery is really taken very seriously. Amanda could get up to six months in prison and $ 1,000 in fines, "Cristina tells us." She may also be required to attend six-month court hearings. The problem is that when Amanda She lives in Southern California and would need to travel back to Nevada every weekend to attend these courses. "

But there is good news for Amanda. Yes, she was arrested, but no formal charges were made. "Amanda was arrested for domestic battery, but she has not yet been formally charged. So when she is charged by the prosecution, there are a few things Amanda can do if charged with domestic battery. If she has a truly capable lawyer, there are several ways in which she can avoid being charged, "explains Cristina." Domestic violence is taken very seriously in Nevada. If she were charged, the statements of the third party who are the security officers of the hotel would be very important. Although Bobby Jacobs provides an explanation explaining what happened, and if it was an accident, his input would be quite critical. "Luckily for Amanda, her friend said that the nudge was not" bad meant, "according to its official statement.

But a weird new problem could arise from this fake post-bachelorette party. "In Nevada, there is a law that states that you are not capable of being the primary guardian of the children when the other party is involved in domestic violence." It does not look good when the one parent who is trying to get custody of the children, is convicted for a crime, to beat a partner, "Cristina informs. Amanda was already unlucky against her ex-husband Nick Buonfiglio In court, her monthly child check checks have reportedly dropped from $ 2,000 a month to $ 530 a month in November 2016, TMZ reported. HollywoodLife contacted Nick to find out about his status and Amanda's child benefit, but he did not respond. However, Amanda's latest videos on her Instagram story showed her daughter Kinsley, posted just seven hours ago.

As for the game that led to Amanda's arrest, you can read the full statement given by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department HL: "At around 9-10-18, approximately 3:15 clock The police responded to a call to the police in a hotel block 3100 from S Las Vegas Blvd. A physical argument took place in a hotel room Stanton Battered her boyfriend. The security of the hotel was reported and the police called. During the investigation it was determined that there was probably a reason for arrest Stanton on a count of battery domestic violence. She was transported to CCDC and booked accordingly. "


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