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The sudden death of an eight-year-old boy mourns a family in Oregon, USA. The minor, “bright and cheerful”, passed away last Tuesday, November 9, after falling ill at school.

After much prayer, CT scans, consulting with three neurologists, and exhausting all options, we had to face the devastating fact that Amari had passed away.

Amari King Churchwell She began to feel ill from Monday after arriving from school, according to her parents in a fundraising campaign.

His dad, Kenneth Churchwell, picked him up from school and took him home. Minutes later, the boy collapsed in her arms.

His father immediately took him to a health center. Doctors found a mass at the back of the boy’s brain. Also, he had internal bleeding.

Although the doctors tried to drain to reduce the pressure on her brain, Amari already had a limited brain activity. He was transferred to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland, however he could not be saved.

“After much prayer, CT scans, consulting with three neurologists and exhausting all options, we had to face the devastating fact that Amari had passed away,” they said.

Dawn Churchill, Amari’s mother, told ‘Fox’ that the boy had never had headaches or any signs of illness before. When his father saw the boy with blank eyes, he knew that something was wrong with his health. Doctors told them that Amari had had a seizure.

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“Amari King became one of God’s angels in heaven,” wrote his parents, who described him as an intelligent, curious, kind, happy child who loved his family and Jesus.

People close to the family started a collect money to help Amari’s parents meet the expenses related to her death.

“We are all absolutely devastated by the passing of Amari, and he is forever ingrained in our hearts,” they said.

So far they have raised $ 51,159 with an initial goal of 40,000.

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