Amaury Leveaux returns to train in Mulhouse – Swimming

More than a year ago, Amaury Leveaux left the Mulhouse club, where he had been training since the announcement of the resumption of his career, to join that of Dijon, where Eric Rebourg appeared, which was his very first coach. On Saturday, the French swimmer (34), member of the 4×100 m relay, gold medalist at the 2012 Olympic Games, announced that he was leaving Burgundy to find the Alsatian club.

Leveaux explained the reasons for his return to the RMC Sport / BFM TV website. ” I think Dijon is a very good training center for young people. But afterwards, the system has its limits, did he declare. […] Any nation that came to prepare for the Games, that looked for a swimming pool or a sports complex, would have in Dijon the best conditions in the world. Except when you are a sportsman there, a local sportsman, nothing is possible. I’m talking about the very high level. »

“(Horter) told me ‘we have six weeks where it’s going to be war’. […] So it’s pretty good ”

And Amaury Leveaux continues: ” The Creps weight room for example, at the beginning we had the whole room and the better it was, we didn’t even have a quarter of the room at the end. The pool, every two seconds you have someone from the audience crossing into the water. You arrive, there are people in the line and you get yelled at when you kindly ask to leave the lines reserved for us. The swimming pool is exceptional, it is a beautiful tool, but it is not a tool for the high level with this organization. »

Leveaux therefore contacted Lionel Horter, who trains in Mulhouse and who was his coach, when, at the 2008 Olympics, he won the silver medal in the 50m, his only individual podium at the Games. ” We spoke with Lionel, the group is different, it has matured for almost two years, said the French swimmer. There is a new page in Mulhouse. There, we leave for two weeks of recovery to get back in the bath. And then he told me “we have six weeks where it’s going to be war, as I was in the war at the time”. So it will send severe bounds! So it’s pretty good. »

Tokyo goal

In December 2013, Amaury Leveaux decided to end a rich career. In addition to his gold medal at the 2012 Olympics and that of silver in 2008, he was also, with the 4×100 m relay, European champion (in 2012) and world champion (in 2013). He was particularly at ease in short course competitions, as proof of his six gold medals at the “Europe” in 2008 and 2009.


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