Amaury Vergara on JJ Macías: ‘He has to go to a club that values ​​him’

Amaury Vergara He is a man willing to keep his word to facilitate the departure of José Juan Macías to Europe; However, it is clear that due to the potential of the footballer, he should be sent to a club that values ​​the youthful forward of Chivas.

“More than selling it, I am inspired by the idea of ​​supporting it to go away. My father was always a person who was characterized by always supporting Mexican talent and I will continue with that spirit and that momentum. We will always give all the tools to a player to fulfill his dream in europeWe will never limit it or cut its wings and the dream of achieving it. Of course the appropriate offers and conditions have to come, because we are not going to let any team play. It has to really go to a team that wants it and I value him because I think he is a boy with extraordinary talent and potential.

Conejito and Macías celebrate a goal with the Flock

“If the right conditions and offer are given, the ideal opportunity for a player like him, of course I will support him. I also gave my word to him and his family that this is how it will be and I plan to keep it, as long as it is for the benefit of both: the institution of Chivas that is the right time and of course in the right conditions so that JJ have a projection abroad ”, explained the president of the Guadalajara in conversation with RECORD.

The leader of the Flock explained some reasons why he values JJ, such as his desire to transcend abroad after championing with the Tapatíos, in addition to amending the errors of previous efforts, such as the one that allowed him to leave for León.

“It means a lot. First because it represents the Chivas quarry, It represented training regardless of whether he had had time away from the club. He is trained and if asked his heart is rojiblanco and for him and his family. It represents the red and white blood.

“Second, it represents lan opportunity to reconcile, to repair things, which at the time were not good as his departure and the possible friction he had with a past directive and a past technical staff, “he explained.

Ricardo Peláez and the president of the Flock


For Amaury, Macías has become an “inspiration” for his desire to consolidate himself in the Pearl of the West, as well as showing confidence in the rojiblanco project.

“When I heard that JJ had the desire and I saw him convinced to return to Chivas, to be champion with Chivas and consequently going to Europe as champion with Chivas, I was very inspired to have. Still a player like him, young, convinced of our squad and that is one of the reasons why he returned to Chivas, “he concluded.


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