Amazing! Play on Xbox while your wife is in labor

He plays on Xbox while his wife is in labor, the video is viral on the internet because they treat him as inconsiderate.

The above was recorded by the same woman who was in labor while her husband was playing a game of Fortnite.

Play Xbox in the delivery room

A man took his video game console to the hospital while his wife was in labor. This was recorded by the woman who wrote in the publication “the birth of her child is going to be lost because of that Xbox.”

In the video the woman jokes about her husband’s addiction to video games while she awaits labor pains. “I could go into labor today and my boyfriend is doing this,” says the young woman on the stretcher. “Honey, why did you bring your Xbox?” she asks him between jokes. To which he replies “One game, I promise, one.”

This is the account “Anxious Couple” @anxietycouple who shared the video on the social network Tik Tok and it went viral on social networks. This already has more than 8 million reproductions and 7 thousand times shared. This unique couple uploads this type of content to social networks, giving examples of the consequences of parents for not attending to their children because they are playing video games or on the cell phone.

Although the video dates from 2020, it went viral in recent days by users impressed with what happened in this hospital and shared it on other networks such as Facebook and Twitter.



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