Amazon Alexa | Alexa no longer speaks in the voices of the dead; Amazon with a new feature

Overcoming the separation of loved ones is often through their memories. We use various techniques in photos to revive the memories of our dead friends and family. But you can also resurrect the voices of the dead.

Amazon alexa is developing a voice assistant feature that allows you to speak to the voices of your dead friends and family. The company mentioned the new voice assistant feature at Amazon’s re: MARS conference. Its purpose is to perpetuate memories.

If you hear someone’s voice for less than a minute, then Alexa can imitate that voice when she speaks. But it’s not clear about the development of the feature or when it will be introduced to Alexa voice assistants. re: MARS (Machine Learning, Automation, Robots, Space) program explains what Amazon does in ambient computing.

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This voice assistant feature has security issues related to accurately recreating someone’s voice pattern. After hearing a voice for such a short time, Alexa has to wait and see how long she can imitate that sound. Concerns remain about the rights of the deceased’s voice and how long it can be stored on devices or company servers. An Amazon spokesperson says this is based on recent advances in text-to-speech technology.

Meanwhile, Amazon has announced that it will be hosting its annual Alexa Live Developers event on July 20th. The company is expected to provide more updates on the feature at next month’s Developers Event.

” Our vision of ambient computing can only be reflected in the collaboration between the teams at Alexa and all our partners, ” said Kelly Wenzel, Business to Business and Developer Marketing Director at Alexa.

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Alexa devices are already used by millions of consumers around the world. Alexa uses it for a variety of things, including playing their favorite music, reading the news, and turning off the lights in the living room.

Some recent studies have shown that Amazon uses voice data from Amazon’s Echo Speakers to advertise itself. The study was conducted by a team of researchers selected from American universities.

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