Last April, Amazon released a tool called Alexa Skill Blueprints, which allows anyone to create a language skill from a variety of templates. The idea was that users could create their own quizzes, chore charts and custom greetings without knowing any code.

Now, Amazon will allow users to share these blueprints with other echo users or publish them to the Alexa Skills Store, where they will live alongside Alexa's existing 80,000 language skills. This could allow educators to publish their own flashcards or trivia freaks to distribute their own tests.

Amazon also adds some new types of blueprints: WordPress users can read Alexa posts from an RSS feed, while universities or spiritual groups can share recorded audio. (It sounds like the latter is being tested before being released by Amazon.) Alexa's Flash Briefing skill also opens to local news agencies and community groups so they can upload recorded audio.

Blueprints were a bit unpredictable in the last year, but posting dynamic sources of content (such as blog posts) could make them much more interesting.


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