Amazon attacks Spotify and Apple Music with Prime subscription – dpa

Amazon is making a new attempt to catch up with the market leaders Spotify and Apple Music in the music streaming market. In the future, customers of the Prime subscription offer will be able to listen to the entire music catalog of around 100 million songs without commercial breaks. The company announced this on Tuesday in Seattle and Munich. So far, Prime subscribers have only been served from a pool of 2 million songs.

In contrast to the paid offer “Amazon Music Unlimited”, which costs just under ten euros extra per month, Prime customers cannot freely select from the entire catalogue, but can only listen to the songs in random mode. However, they can skip songs indefinitely and create up to 15 playlists. Amazon is also expanding its range of radio plays and podcasts.

Targeted access subject to a charge

Streaming market leader Spotify offers access to around 80 million songs and podcasts in its free version financed by advertising, also in random mode. If you want to access individual pieces or download songs, you have to take out a premium subscription, which costs just under ten euros a month. Apple does not have a free and advertising-financed version, but a subscription for just under ten euros a month. For half the price, the iPhone group also has “Apple Music Voice” in its range, where you can control the music exclusively via voice commands on Apple devices.

The new Amazon offer should also serve to keep subscribers to the Prime service after a noticeable price increase. In Germany, Prime has cost just under 90 euros per year since September instead of the previous 69 euros.

Prime is an important customer retention tool for Amazon. Subscriber customers get free shipping from Amazon and participating retailers on the platform, even without a minimum order value, and can also access video and music streaming, among other things. In February, Amazon announced a price increase from $119 (around €116) to $139 (€136) for annual payments in its home market of the USA.