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In a secret deal, cloud computing company Amazon AWS has announced its acquisition of crypto messaging platform Wickr.

Wickr provides an encrypted messaging service for government agencies and businesses, as well as a free-to-the-public program as well as a paid service intended to support military communications.

Wickr is popular with journalists and whistleblowers, and is also the program of choice for criminals while messaging, according to aitnews.

The announcement of the deal comes as Amazon’s cloud computing aims to attract more government companies.

As a result, AWS has entered a protracted court battle with Microsoft over the Pentagon’s multibillion-dollar cloud deal.

Thousands of government agencies use Amazon’s cloud computing services.

In a blog post, Stephen Schmidt, Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer at AWS, said: “The need for secure communications services such as those offered by Wickr has accelerated as the coronavirus pandemic has prompted many to embrace mixed work environments.

“Wickr’s secure communications solutions help organizations and government organizations adapt to this change in their workforce and are a useful addition to the growing suite of collaborative and productivity services that AWS provides to customers and partners.”

A notice posted via the Wickr website confirmed the acquisition.

He said: Since our establishment ten years ago, our services have grown to serve organizations across a wide range of industries, all over the world. Together with AWS, we look forward to taking our solutions to the next level for our customers and partners.

The San Francisco startup counts the Department of Defense as one of its clients. Reports in April said US Customs and Border Protection had bought Wicker’s licenses.

In addition, Wickr considers itself the only fully functional collaborative service that meets all of the security standards set by the National Security Agency.

“Pioneer Wickr has developed the most secure communication and encryption technology,” said Schmidt, who spent a decade at the FBI. This relates to the company’s ever-growing relationships with the military and Washington in general.

“Wickr’s features give security-minded organizations and government agencies the ability to implement critical management and security controls to help them meet their compliance requirements.”

Amazon buys criminals’ favorite encrypted messaging app