On Amazon's just the action "surprise offers". And that means: Discounts are enough! We'll show you the best Amazon deals in November 2019 and reveal where you can save the most.

Just in time for the pre-Christmas season, Amazon is launching the discount offer "Surprise Offers". Hundreds of products are greatly reduced every day until November 12th. Because you can quickly lose track of so many offers, we took a close look at the Amazon Deals and selected the best deals.

Important to know: The Amazon Deals that take place as part of the surprise offer action are usually valid for a short period of time. So you have to be quick if you want to get a bargain. On the pages of each Amazon Deals you can see if it is a limited daily offer and how long the deal is still valid.

Want to go bargain hunting? Here are the best Amazon Deals in November 2019!

Philips Lumea Prestige IPL hair removal device: 29% cheaper

You've been toying with an IPL hair removal device for a while, but so far that was too expensive for you? Then now is the time to strike. Because currently there is the most popular device 'Lumea Prestige' Philips whopping 29% cheaper.

On Amazon, there are many positive reviews that praise the effectiveness of Philips IPL device. After several applications significantly less hair regrowth and the skin should remain smooth longer. Important to know: IPL devices work particularly well when the skin is light and the hair is quite dark.

Instead of 599.99 euros
Now only: 424.90 euros

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Suction robot Proscenic 820T: 25% cheaper

Vacuum robots are definitely among the most ingenious inventions of mankind. While you can relax after a hard day's work and put your feet up, the hard-working friend does the job. He is reliable, does not complain and is still frugal. Perfect, right?

Now you too can fulfill the dream of the vacuum robot, because in the context of the Amazon Deals a popular model is just much cheaper. The suction robot Proscenic 820T is one of the bestsellers and has an average score of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Instead of 239 euros
Now only: 179,25 Euro

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Philips XC7042 / 01 SpeedPro Max: 18% cheaper

Suction robots are skeptical about you, but a new vacuum cleaner must come soon? Then a wireless model can be a good choice. With him annoying transposition, tripping or getting stuck history.

Super popular with the Amazon customers is the model 'XC7042 / 01 SpeedPro Max' from Philips. Customers praise above all that the vacuum cleaner is very light and has a high suction power. Also, the price-performance ratio says many buyers. If the vacuum cleaner convinced you, then you should strike fast, because currently it is 18% cheaper!

Instead of 449.99 euros
Now only: 370.72 euros

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Light Alarm Clock 'Wake-Up Light' from Philips: 35% cheaper

Do you also belong to those who do not get out of bed in the morning and snooze until the doctor comes? Then we warmly recommend a light alarm clock. Many of us have changed our lives – and that's not over the top. Because instead of being listless in the morning and feeling infinitely tired, thanks to the ingenious alarm technology, we are now fit and much more energetic.

A light alarm clock simulates daylight, which ensures that in the body hormones are released, which make us very gently, but at the same time effectively awake. Philips 'Wake-Up Light' is one of the most popular models on Amazon with 4.1 stars. His disadvantage: With 169.99 euros, he is the Ferrari among the Tageslichtweckern. Since the Amazon Deal comes with 35% discount just right.

Instead of 169.99 euros
Now only: 109.99 euros

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INFO: In this article we work with so-called affiliate links. They allow you to postpone the described and advertised products. In this case we get a small commission from the respective shop. When choosing the products, we are completely free. We only show you products that we find great and that we are convinced of.


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