UNITED STATES.- The collapse of a fence at Amazon facilities in Baltimore, United States, caused the death of two people.

The collapse occurred after heavy rains and winds; one of the corpses was found after several hours, after use thermal images for their finding.

Authorities reported on these facts.

The collapse occurred while a strong storm, accompanied by powerful winds, affected this city on Friday night, although until now the authorities have not been able to determine with precision the causes behind the accident.

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Dave Clark, Amazon's vice president of operations, lamented the facts in a statement and also confirmed the reasons for the accident.

Rachael Lighty, regional manager of external communications for Amazon operations, confirmed that the two victims were Amazon's external contractors and not employees.

Roman Clark, a spokesman for the Baltimore Fire Department, said one of the victims is an adult man, and about which he reserved to disclose more details until his family is notified of his death.

The second victim, who remained as disappeared for several hours, was found under the rubble of the wall, and her body could be located only after the authorities proceeded to use thermal imaging equipment.

Local media published photos and videos of the events.

Witnesses, including some workers at the facilities, identified as an Amazon processing center, said that after the wall fell, strong winds dragged papers and other light materials inside.



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