Amazon would be interested in Carrefour stores in Argentina


The French multinational is in a plan to sell stores to increase their commitment to e-commerce.

Argentina could begin to gain prominence in the plans that the e-commerce giant Amazon has in Latin America.
The French multinational Carrefour, which operates in the supermarket segment, announced that as part of its 2020 plan it will reduce its store portfolio. Its objective: to give greater weight to its electronic commerce division, where in general the retail industry has started to put its chips.
Before this operation, Amazon sounds stronger to keep assets and distribution platforms.
Where does Argentina enter? Part of this portfolio to be sold would be located in the trans-Andean country, where the chain operates more than 500 stores in its four formats: hypermarket, traditional, convenience and cash & carry.
According to the media of that country, there are negotiations between the local employee unions and the supermarket operator, since it is not yet clear how many closures will be. Those spaces that are free, could be of interest to Amazon.
During the last time, the idea of ​​the North American has been to strengthen the omnichannel experience through physical stores, particularly with regard to fresh-food, where even customers have not been fully convinced to buy through the online channel.
If implemented, the operation would follow the steps of the recent acquisition of the US supermarket chain Whole Foods Market, for which it paid US $ 12.7 billion.
In addition, it would mark a point in favor for Argentina -in front of Chile- as a growth platform for Amazon in South America and as an option to keep the data center that Amazon Web Services seeks to install.
And is that from the other side of the mountains claim that the government has already strengthened ties with the commanded by Jeff Bezos.
According to reports published some months ago, the American company had held meetings with the administration of President Mauricio Macri in July 2017, after which she would have been convinced to install a data center in the free zone of Bahía Blanca, at the expense of Chile.


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