Amazon’s French warehouses will gradually reopen

Published on : 05/19/2020 – 15:40

The six Amazon warehouses had been closed in France for a month by court order. They will reopen this Tuesday, May 19. The management of the American e-commerce giant and the French unions have reached an agreement. The 11,000 employees in France will resume work while respecting the protection measures against the coronavirus.

The activity of the e-commerce giant must resume this Tuesday, May 19 on French territory with 30% of the workforce, according to employee unions.

The reopening, away from the coronavirus, is good news for Laurent Degousée, delegate of Sud Commerce, the leading Amazon union in France: ” What we wanted was to prevent the epidemic from returning to the warehouses through the reopening. So, initially, only 50% of employees on a voluntary basis will return to warehouses, then 80% to reach 100% of staff in early June. There are some interesting things that have been put in place. There will be a daily reduction in working hours by a quarter of an hour, which will allow the hundreds of employees on the morning shift not to cross those in the afternoon. After that, there are still some points of dissatisfaction. So far, for example, Amazon’s management has not given up on the 350 withdrawal rights that were made in the period. But we will say that we will observe carefully. There is always an expertise in health and safety that is underway, the way in which this gradual recovery will be done. We are in a period where the economic imperative must be given way before the health imperative. It is in the interest of no one that the epidemic goes back to Amazon warehouses

In early April, French justice had been seized by employees after several cases of coronavirus on Amazon sites. The group, founded by Jeff Bezos, was ordered to assess its barrier measures and to limit its sales to products considered “essential” with sanctions to the key in the event of failure. Amazon preferred to close its sites.


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