Ambassador asks North American tourists in Mexico to return to the US as soon as possible

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The United States ambassador to Mexico, Christopher Landau, told its citizens that a pandemic this is not the time to do tourism, so he recommended that those who are in Mexican territory, as visitors, return as soon as possible to the American Union.

Through his weekly question and answer session with US citizens, Landau noted that Mexico is a wonderful country, but now is not the time to be a visitor.

“If you are a temporary visitor to Mexico, I encourage you to go home to the United States while commercial flights are still available. This is a wonderful country, but a global pandemic is not the time for tourism, “he explained.

Landau added that for those who decide to stay in Mexico, they must ensure they have the necessary financial resources to fully finance their stay, for an indefinite period.

In addition, he added, you have to make sure you have medical insurance that covers the costs of eventualities that may occur in Mexico.

He suggested that for questions about immigration status in Mexico, it is necessary to contact the National Institute of Migration, and the contact information is on the website of the United States embassy.

It is the Mexican immigration authority, he detailed, that can give information on what to do if you have exceeded the 180-day tourist permit.

“You may have to visit one of the INAMI offices and / or pay a fine or fee. We at the embassy, ​​unfortunately we cannot extend your permission, “he said.

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