Amber Heard asks to annul sentence in favor of Johnny Depp

Amber Heard you have a year to pay Johnny Depp 8 million 350 thousand dollars (165 million 889 thousand 450 pesos) before interest begins to be generated.

Therefore, through their lawyers, Amber Heard asked officially annul the sentence in favor of Johnny Deppsince he considers that the amount is excessive.

Johnny Depp, trial day 23 (EVELYN HOCKSTEIN / AP)

Last Friday, July 1, the actress presented a invalid document for Judge Penney Azcaratewho warned that he would not take into account any post-trial request.

In this, Amber Heard asks to annul the judgment in favor of Johnny Deppas well as the sanction, since it considers that none is supported by the evidence.

Amber Heard's lawyers with the actress

Amber Heard’s lawyers with the actress (Evelyn Hockstein/Pool via AP / AP)

Johnny Depp’s defense responds to Amber Heard’s request

Amber Heard asked to annul the sentence in favor of Johnny Deppwhich is why the actor’s defense replied that it was expected, although to appeal, you must first pay your customer.

Let us remember that Judge Penney Azcarate determined that the actress, before any appeal, must pay both her ex-husband and the court.

Only then would a new trial be possible and, in the event that Amber Heard would be the winner the amount previously paid would be returnedas well as a new amount.

Johnny Depp, trial day 23

Johnny Depp, trial day 23 (Evelyn Hockstein / AP)

However, the actress also challenged one of the jurors; specifically 15, for reporting being born in 1945, when in fact it was in 1970, which means that his identity was not properly verified.

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Likewise, Amber Heard thinks that if the jury found that both she and Johnny Depp they defamed each other, he would not have to pay.

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However, in the jury’s decision I only took into account one of his five demands, giving him the majority of the reason.

This, because it would not have been Johny Depp who directly defamed Amber Heard, but his lawyer, defending him. Instead, she would have made direct accusations through the Washington Post article.

Amber Heard reacts to Johnny Depp testimony

Amber Heard reacts to Johnny Depp testimony (EVELYN HOCKSTEIN / AP)