Amber Heard fires back at Johnny Deep: “He lost control of his intestines and I had to clean his butt” | Showbiz 123

By William Guzman Fr

The trial that follows Amber Heard for allegedly defaming Johnny Depp is taking a turn that borders on the grotesque due to the tone of the accusations that are being made by the parties involved. She now it was her turn to testify the actress of “Aquaman”, who, stoically, heard the 30 witnesses of her ex-husband, whose testimonies left her very bad.

With aplomb, Heard stepped onto the court bench to tell her story. And she excitedly told the jury about a time in May 2013 when Johnny Depp, allegedly drugged, unconsensually took off her dress and began searching her body where she had hidden her drug.

“He asked me ‘where is it’ and how long have I been hiding it,” he said, apparently referring to his cocaine, he said. “Then she proceeds to do a search of her private parts. She just put her fingers inside me,” she continued.

She also recounted a troubled trip to the Bahamas with Depp and their two children in 2013, when the actor was upset with her for exposing her children to his addictions, since her daughter Lily-Rose was upset that her father was drunk. So Depp allegedly threatened to kill Heard.

Amber and Johnny: When everything was rosy / Archive

“He punches me in the neck and holds me there for a second and tells me he could kill me and that I was a disgrace,” he said. From his seat in court, Depp shook his head and said “wow”! taking credit away from the artist’s account.

He also stated that when the actor was upset he would ‘lose control of his bowels’: “He would pass out and lose control of his body, and everyone in his circle would have to clean him up…and they were afraid to confront him afterwards. This man lost control of his intestines and I cleaned him out… ”, says the actress.

Heard also said she saw Depp’s security guards change his pants in front of her, prompting the actor to laugh from his courtroom seat. “He passed out from his own illness…and then walked around saying he didn’t have a problem,” Heard testified.

Finally, he assured that the only person who knew about this physical and emotional abuse of Johnny Depp was his late mother: “At first I just wanted someone to talk to about how terrifying it was… the rage and uncontrolled violence.”