Amber Heard officially appeals in case against Johnny Depp | NOW

Amber Heard’s lawyers officially appealed last Friday in the libel case of her ex-husband Johnny Depp, it turned out on Sunday. They argue in a 43-page court document that there was not enough evidence to support the ruling in Depp’s favor.

The actress’s legal team had already announced immediately after the verdict on June 1 that she would continue to litigate. Depp had sued Heard over an op-ed she had written about her experiences of domestic violence.

She mentioned in the article in The Washington Post no name, but according to the actor it was obvious that it was about him. He argued that his career and reputation had suffered as a result and demanded compensation. The jury agreed and awarded him over $10 million.

Heard had filed a counter-claim and was successful on one point. The jury ruled defamation when Depp’s attorney previously called her allegations of abuse a “hoax.” Therefore, the actor has to pay his former wife 2 million dollars.

According to American media, Heard’s lawyers now state that the jury’s decisions to judge for and against her are at odds with each other and are therefore not legally valid. They also state that the date of birth of one of the jurors was incorrectly stated in the court papers, which makes it impossible to determine whether the correct person has sat on the jury.