Ambulance: A legendary series from which most viewers still remember the well-filmed air accident

Hospital on the outskirts of the city, Surgery in the Rose Garden, Anatomy of Life or the Blue Code. Series from the medical environment were and are still very popular with Czech viewers. Do you think that in our small list, one very popular series is missing, which takes place in the environment of the Prague ambulance service? You are right – Ambulance, a legendary series from the mid-1980s, whose great popularity is also evidenced by the fact that after almost thirty years it was freely continued.

Four types of ambulances

The director of Ambulance was Jiří Adamec, the author of the exceptional screenplay was Jiří Hubač. They decided to put the plot of the series into the past, specifically from 1956 to 1975. This was also the reason why four types of ambulances appeared in the series, Mercedes-Benz Binz 180, IMV 1000, Škoda 1201 type 980 and Škoda 1203 type 776. The filming of the Ambulance took place in the interiors and exteriors of the Thomayer University Hospital in Prague.

Legendary plane accident

The impressiveness and interestingness of the series is added by the fact that almost each of the eleven episodes is inspired by a true story. Of course, most spectators remember the part inspired by the crash of a transport plane near Prague’s Suchdol in 1975. At that time, there were one hundred and twenty people on board the plane flying from Yugoslav Tivat to Prague, only forty-one survived.

During the filming, the creators of the series cast handicapped people without limbs in the role of extras to make the scene as realistic as possible. Aviation experts later only pointed out that the crashed aircraft was an American DC 9 jet, but in the series, propellers can be seen in the crash. In addition to the plane crash, one part of the Ambulance was also dedicated to the city bus accident.

My time is just for now

In addition to the interesting story and great performances of the actors in the lead roles, let us mention at least Jaromír Hanzlík as Vojtěch Jander, Zlata Adamovská as Eliška, Petr Kostka as Dr. Mádr, Pavel Zedníček as Fanda driver or Jiří Bartoška as Dr. Skalka, the series had a unique title song. My time performed by Hana Zagorová, Stanislav Hložek and Petr Kotvald with a unique text and melody, which was supposed to evoke the tension and fast pace at which rescuers work. The music was composed by Petr and Pavel Orm, the text was written by the famous Zdeněk Borovec. The same song was used in 2013 by director Filip Renč for the continuation of the series Sanitka 2.

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Author: Martina Šťastná