AMD introduced three new processors – Gambling

Company AMD officially introduced the third generation of processors Ryzen Threadripper 3000 for powerful workstations. These are models 3960X and 3970X with 24 and 32 cores, respectively. Both new products received a chipset design and are equipped with four full-fledged chipsets, but in the case of the 3960X, two of them were disconnected.

In addition to assemblies of 6/8 cores, an I / O crystal is located on the PCB. The cores are made using 7-nanometer technology, and the IO system is made using 12-nanometer technology.

The processors support four channels of DDR4 memory, have 128 MB of cache in the third level, and are also equipped with a PCI Express 4.0 controller on 64 lines. The heat packet is an impressive 280 watts. At the same time, new products will receive support only for chipsets TRX40. There will be no backward compatibility with existing models. Prices: $ 1,400 and $ 2,000 (88,800 and almost 127,000 rubles).

The company also showed a budget hybrid processor. Athlon 3000G, which belongs to the Picasso family and is made using 12 nanometer technology. It officially supports overclocking.

The processor is equipped with two Zen + cores with a multithreading mode and a frequency of 3.5 GHz, 4 MB of cache in the third level, a dual-channel DDR4 memory controller and a graphics module Radeon Vega 3 with a frequency of 1100 MHz. The heat package does not exceed 35 W, and the processor itself works with the AM4 socket.

The Athlon 3000G will go on sale on November 19 at a price of $ 50 (3,100 rubles). Finally, the company announced the market launch date. Ryzen 9 3950X. This 16-core processor will go on sale on November 25 at a price of $ 750 (about 47,600 rubles).


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