Ameghino was left with a solid victory in Villa María against Zárate and tied the final of the Argentine League

Ameghino from Villa Maria he was left with the much-needed victory that allowed him to tie the final series of the Argentine Basketball League against Zárate Basket. El León showed a great level to prevail by 91 to 78 and equalize 1-1 the definition for promotion to the National League.

The match was played in a full Villamariense Sports Hall.

The Villa María Sports Hall was full cheering on Ameghino against Zárate in the final of the Argentine Basketball League (La Voz)

Emiliano Lezcano was the top scorer for León with 24 points (9/10 in doubles), plus 6 assists, 5 rebounds and 5 recoveries, seconded by Juan Abeiro with 16 points and Abel Aristimuño with 14 points.

Zárate, without the very high efficiency in triples from Monday, could not against Ameghino’s defense.

Ameghino’s party

Ameghino did not want surprises at the start of the second game, he took care of his rival and won the opening chapter 25-22. The second match was maintained, with the home team ahead, until Zárate took the lead 35-32 with 4’35 to play. León did not lose his cool, nor did he get out of the script, he quickly regained control, and went to the break in front 44-42.

Juan Abeiro remained the best scorer and Ameghino stretched the advantage to 6: 56-50 with 3’25 on the clock. Joao Franca Dos Santos, the local Brazilian missed three free throws in a row, but Zárate couldn’t take advantage of it. And the team led by Pablo Castro stretched to 8: 60-52. And he stayed with the third segment by 63-56.

The villamariense extended to 10 opening the final chapter, and grew. In the end, Ameghino owned the game and the result and stretched the difference to 17: 75-58 in three minutes. With the advantage, Ameghino secured victory and peace of mind.

The match sheet

How the Ameghino-Zárate series continues

  • 3/6, Zárate vs. Ameghino, at 9:00 p.m.
  • 5/6, Zárate vs. Ameghino, at 9:00 p.m. *
  • 8/6, Ameghino vs. Zárate, at 9:00 p.m. *

*If necessary