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Amel Bent flirt with a married man, his wife goes crazy and goes crazy! She wants to catch it

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On the occasion of the release of her new album featuring Camélia Jordana and Vitaa, Amel Bent was invited to Skyrock in the show “Le Réveil de Difool”. The least we can say is that the singer may well remember her passage for a long time. Objeko’s editorial staff will tell you what exactly happened. It’s a crazy story.

A mythical passage on Skyrock

The column in question is called “The awakening of a star” by Difool. It consists of calling a French at random, and making him believe that a celebrity is talking to him on the phone. Thus, the host of the famous radio, remixed the words of the singer to make believe that she was flirting with her companion. In front of a doubtful man and a very direct woman, the trap begins with the following sentence: “Hello it’s Amel Bent, I hope you are doing well, we haven’t seen each other for a long time ”. Before continuing like this: “There are guys like you who come up with perfect stuff. I would like us to move forward together, it’s not every day that we have crushes. What can we do ?”.

This sentence was too much for the wife of the listener in question, who did not take long to react. The latter then takes the phone and insults Amel Bent directly: “Hello, come to my place, you will see, I will nab you, I can tell you. Salo **, c ** nasse. I would like to know where you come from …”She declared in particular. It is finally on these beautiful words that the call was cut by the listener. Finally, the joke ends well since the listeners were obviously called back by the radio to explain that it was a small assembly. Phew!

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Amel Bent moved by the departure of a candidate

In addition to his new album, we can find Amel Bent on TF1 and more particularly in The Voice. Very involved in her role as a coach, Amel Bent regularly uses Instagram to send messages to talents. This was particularly the case this Sunday, May 2. Indeed, the young woman has published two photos on the famous social network. On the first, we can see her with Cyprien in particular, and on the second, alongside Niki Black. The opportunity for her to congratulate them on their qualification for the live semi-final, which will take place this Saturday, May 8. But that’s not all, she also got a message for the eliminated candidates.

Thus, in her story on Instagram, Amel Bent took the time to pay tribute to Paul’O. The latter notably marked the singer during her career in The Voice : “Paul’O, you are like the song you sang tonight… Wild, book, instinctive and upright despite everything. I loved you so much on this show! Thank you” did she say. Same story for Vianney, who is also sad to see the young man leave. The singer said: “Angelo, Paulo, you remained sublime and true to the end! Well done & thank you“.

Marine Le Pen unleashes Amel Bent, Camélia Jordana and Vitaa

Following the release of Marine, the tube Diam’s recently taken over by Camélia Jordana, Amel Bent and Vitaa, Marine Le Pen took the time to react. To say the least, it’s that Jean-Marie’s daughter doesn’t like this song: Diam’s, she sang that song and then after she left. She put on a veil and went to Saudi Arabia. So if you like, it hasn’t been too successful for him… ” she explains first of all.

The president of the RN then continued her remarks. It indicates in particular that this text has no and will have no impact on the thinking of the French: “Once again, the message I would like to pass on to young people is that young people are curiosity. Don’t let yourself be locked in, by nothing. All this universe, in which we want to lock you up and very often all those who wish to lock you in a religion, in an origin, in a social category… Do not let yourself be locked up ”. One thing is certain, we at Objeko’s editorial staff are ready to sing the song! Chick?

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