America bets on clean energy

America bets on clean energy

He use of the renewable energy be indispensable for the industry in a future immediate, before technological changes and the limited resources of the current fuels , experts agreed that they participated in a panel of the III Business Summit of the Americas which is celebrated in Lime .
During the debate Natural Resources and Intelligent Energy for the Americas the context of a Latin America which houses “a large part of the natural resources that feed the world’s energy needs”. “Our region produces 20.4% of hydroelectricity and 13.2% of crude oil worldwide”, he stated before noting that, despite this, the current trends of population growth and economic activity in the region they indicate that the demand of electricity will increase 91% in 2040. In addition, it is estimated that the oil sector will need an investment of some 550 billion between 2014 and 2030 to maintain current production levels. In this regard, Nancy Southern, executive director of the Canadian ATCO Ltd., said that companies should “have clarity on the part of regulators and policymakers as to what the rules should be” for energy change.
Andrés Gluski, executive director of the American AES Corporation, commented that the price of lithium batteries has dropped by 80% in the last five years and there are new projects that seek to use a combination of solar energy plus batteries. Gluski considered that Latin America will use these resources in a combined manner and that with the new technologies it will be possible to “have greener networks”. “This is a region that on natural resources issues is the future,” he said. Jacqueline Mongrut, executive vice-president of Business Development of the Canadian Hydro-Québec International, pointed out that solar energy is “marking the future” and can be used together “a bit with hydroelectricity”. In turn, the CEO of the Peruvian Hochschild Mining Group, Eduardo Hochschild, said that in the mines should be sought “to be more efficient recycling more water” and that robotics “will be used more and more.”

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