America calls for a halt to fighting in Yemen and the start of peace talks within 30 days

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US Defense Secretary James Matisse and Foreign Secretary Mike Pompeo Tuesday called for a ceasefire in Yemen and peace talks within the next 30 days.

"We want to see everyone on a negotiating table based on a ceasefire," Matisse said at a conference in Washington.

"We have to do this in the next 30 days," said Matisse, who met last weekend with several Arab officials on the sidelines of the Manama dialogue. "I think Saudi Arabia and the UAE are ready to move on.

He said the cease-fire must be based on the withdrawal of the Huthi rebels from the border with Saudi Arabia and "stop the bombing" of the Riyadh-led coalition backed by Washington.

Matisse said the cessation of hostilities would allow UN envoy Martin Griffiths to "gather" the various parties "in Sweden" without specifying exactly where the meeting would be and who would organize it.

For his part, Pompeo called on parties to the conflict in Yemen to stop hostilities, in preparation for the start of peace talks.




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