American billionaire Rich Lesser reveals the secrets of his success

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  • Business Correspondent, BBC

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Lesser says CEOs should create a proactive environment that encourages meaningful discussion

Rich Lesser, president of the global Boston Consulting Group, thinks CEOs of big companies live in a “bubble,” and explains why he had to break out of that bubble to understand the importance of climate change.

The global Boston Consulting Group employs more than 22,000 people in its offices around the world, and has annual revenues in excess of $8 billion.

Lesser joined the company immediately after graduating from business school in 1988, having trained as a chemical engineer, and spent a quarter of a century moving up the career ladder at the company, until he became CEO in 2013, a position he stepped down at the end of September , to become the Chairman of the Global Board of Directors.

Lesser explains why CEO bubbles form: “When you’re at the top of the company hierarchy, you have a huge impact on people’s jobs, so there is a natural tendency for people to say things they think you want to hear, which align with your outlook. to the world, or that make you happy.”