American dies of heart attack while burying murdered woman in his garden | Abroad

Joseph McKinnon, 60, was found dead in his yard on Saturday morning. His body showed no signs of violence, he died of natural causes,” reads a press release distributed to local media. An autopsy revealed that the man died of a heart attack.


During the investigation into his death, another body was found in the garden. It concerns the body of Patricia Dent, a 65-year-old woman who lay in a recently dug grave in the garden. The autopsy performed on that body indicates a death by strangulation.

Authorities say the man assaulted Dent in the home, tied her up after strangling her and then put her in garbage bags. Then he wanted to put her in a freshly dug grave. McKinnon had a heart attack when he tried to cover that grave with earth.

It is unclear why the woman was murdered. The police are continuing to investigate the matter.