American League playoffs MLB favorite teams for the World Series

The 2020 MLB postseason put into gear and with the opening games of the American League wild card keys, eight teams, of the 16 that will be in the Playoffs, jumped to the Major League diamonds in search of the victory that will leave them to a triumph of the conference series.

MLB expert analysts (Bradford Doolittle, Jeff Passan, Sam Miller and David Schoenfield) made their predictions and gave the Favorite American League teams to reach the World Series. The first place went to Tampa Bay Rays with 8.8% that is endorsed after the victory in Game 1 vs. Toronto Blue Jays.

Minnesota Twins received from the experts an 8.7% chance to be in the World Series, but with loss to Houston Astros this probability begins to decrease. The third team most likely to reach the ‘Fall Classic’ are the Cleveland Indians with 6.5%.

Another forecast that begins to fall as The New York Yankees beat the Indians 12 runs 3 in Game 1 of this series. The Chicago White Sox with 6.0% as the fourth most likely team to be in the World Series, they are already 1-0 up against Oakland Athletics.

To the Yankees give him the fifth chance to be in the Fall Classic at 5.0%, while the three teams ‘underdogs’ to reach the World Series are: Athletics, Astros y Blue Jays with 4.8, 1.5 and 1.1 percent probability respectively.