American video game fans, dentists and patients who successfully challenge can receive free dental cleaning service-Hong Kong

Many people say that toothache is worse than serious illness, not only because the toothache is very uncomfortable, but also because the dentist pays a lot of money for consultation. However, a dental clinic in Massachusetts in the United States has launched a discount. If you can compete with the dentist Dr. Shah in the Switch game “Smash Bros Ultimate”, as long as you defeat the dentist, you will be able to get a free dental cleaning opportunity.

Dr. Shah, a dentist who likes to play, also laid down some rules, for example, each patient has only one chance, and can only win 3 games within a 6-minute time limit, and no other props are allowed. Patients must challenge Dr. Shah during the office hours of the clinic. If they win, they can get free dental cleaning. If they lose, they have to take photos and upload them to the social platform, indicating that they have lost “Smash Bros Ultimate” in the dental clinic.

Although it only exempts the cost of cleaning teeth, and does not include the cost of examinations and X-rays before cleaning, Dr. Shah said that the fees are already the cheapest in Massachusetts. To be fair, he also allows patients to bring their own hand controls to challenge, as long as they can connect to the Switch. Dr. Shah likes video games very much. The screens of the consultation room have used the scenes of “Zelda” and “Final Fantasy” as wallpapers. He plans to hold a “Smash Bros Ultimate” competition in the clinic in October to let 8 players compete.

Source: kotaku

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