American visa without interview: which Colombians can request it

The explanation was given by the vice consul of the United States in Colombia, Aron, through a live broadcast made by the embassy, ​​where he also spoke of the update to speed up visa renewal processes.

People who qualify to request a visa without an interview will have a response in less time, that those that do must go through the dialogue with an official, since the appointments are being scheduled for 2024.

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Colombians who can get an American visa without an interview

The vice consul pointed out that those who want to apply for a visa to go to the United States for the first time can do so without having to have an interview if they are between the following ages:

  • Under 14 years old.
  • Older than 79 years.

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They also do not have to go through an interview Colombians who are renewing a visa that is valid or one that expired in the last 48 monthssaid the official.

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How to apply for a US visa without an interview

The process is similar to what people who are going to apply for the visa for the first time must do, Aron explained. The steps are the following:

  1. Enter the page of the Embassy of the United States.
  2. Complete the information requested to renew the visa (form DS-160).
  3. Wait for the system to decide if you qualify for the interview exception.

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The vice consul pointed out that the response may take several months, since there are many requests they have; there are currently at least 17,000 people in the visa process without an interviewhe indicated.

In this video, the United States consul talks about Colombians who can apply for a visa without an interview: