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Americans against zombies and nazis: the military horror "Overlord"

On November 8, Overlord, a war horror film from the producer of the Star Wars and Mission Impossible franchises by JJ Abrams, will be released in Russia. The tape takes place during the Allied operation on the landing of troops in Normandy during the Second World War. Her heroes, American soldiers, will have to defeat not only fascists, but also zombies created as a result of Nazi genetic experiments. On Thursday, November 8, a military horror film "Overlord" will be released in Russia. The action of the Australian film director Julius Avery takes place against the background of historical events – the Allied operations on the landing of troops in Normandy during World War II, but the plot of the tape is based on fictional events: the US military is fighting not only against the Nazis, but also from the zombies that emerged brutal genetic experiments. The producers of Overlord were JJ Abrams (Star Wars: The Force Awakens, three parts of the Mission Impossible franchise), Lindsay Weber (Startrek: Be limb ") and Joe Byrne (" Game of Thrones "). Billy Ray (“Captain Phillips”, “The Hunger Games”) and Mark L. Smith (“The Survivor”) took up the script of the film. The film begins from the stage aboard an American aircraft, the pilot of which is about to drop troops on the Normandy coast. The group will have to destroy the German point of contact as soon as possible so that the enemy’s aircraft will not prevent the allies from supporting the offensive from the air. This point of contact is in the church (as explained to the soldiers, because the “fascists are atheists,” and the Americans go to fight “for the sake of everything good and bright.”) In the next five minutes the plane lights up, the main character manages to open the parachute, and the group commander on the ground, shooting at close range, suspiciously irrationally spending combat reserves, a group of Wehrmacht soldiers. In the ranks are four soldiers under the leadership of Sergeant Ford, on the battlefield following the simple rule: "If you want to survive, you need to play as dirty as they are."
                                © Frame from the film “Overlord” (2018)
                            A heavily depleted detachment reaches the village and begins to develop a plan to undermine the building. The circumstances are complicated by the fact that the church is under heavy guard, and in the basement of the building, the local doctor Mengele conducts experiments on the unfortunate villagers. People are turned into zombies for a practical purpose: the immortal soldiers are needed for the Reich. The producer of the pictures is first noted by the producer Abrams, and then they recall the little-known director Julius Avery, whose last and only full-length film “Young Blood” with Yuen McGregor – was released 2013 On the official poster of the project, the Abrams surname stands out by chance: his presence in the list of producers has long been a guarantee, if not impeccable content, then at least, an exciting and dynamic action. Interest to “Overlord” was heated up by rumors that this film is another part ( probably a prequel to the Cloverfield universe. The fans of the trilogy were confident that the creators of Overlord would not ignore the monsters that attacked the residents of New York: the same Abrams served as a producer for all three n series ("Monster", "Cloverfield, 10", "The Cloverfield Paradox"). Reddit even launched a poster contest, many of whose participants speculated on this theory. Abrams denied the assumptions of fans, and fans continued to believe in their hypotheses. However, after the release of the picture in the rental, everyone was convinced that Overlord was a single product. Though with a hint of a sequel.
                                © Frame from the film “Overlord” (2018)
                            Scriptwriters prudently left room for maneuver in case of the production of the second part. Of course, Overlord turned out to be a multi-genre picture. Despite the rating of R, you shouldn’t be scared while watching a movie (there are several screamers in it, but the sudden appearance of monsters on the screen is, as you know, the most primitive technique). Sympathizing with the main characters is also unlikely to come out: they are bullet-proof American soldiers who single-handedly can crush a whole German garrison. Connoisseurs of high-quality military dramas are likely to recall the legendary Spielberg drama "Save Private Ryan" while watching Overlord or HBO's exemplary series, The Soldierly Brotherhood. Lovers of romance in the style of Anenerbe may have an association with the Wolfenstein series of games, one part of which is very close to the Overlord plot. In the meantime, Overlord's shortcomings are the secondary nature of the material, pathos dialogues and one-sidedness of the characters – harm the quality of the picture, but do not spoil her whole. Critics note: no matter how primitive the screamers are, they work. And among the spectators there are always lovers to watch how, regardless of logic and physics, robotic heroes scatter ghouls to the right and left. Moreover, the filmmakers are seriously concerned about graphics and color correction.
                                © Frame from the film “Overlord” (2018)
                            Currently, the IMDb movie rating is 6.8 points. The opinion of most commentators expresses one of the reviews: "Not a bit scary, but a very nice action." However, some say that the creators of the picture did not quite succeed in the ending – it turned out to be too predictable. Meanwhile, the rating of freshness on Rotten Tomatoes reached 89% – of the 28 film critics counted by the aggregator, only three are considered negative. The authors of Variety, ScreenCrush and FanboyNation.com were dissatisfied with Overlord. Thus, Amy Nicholson from Variety draws attention to the obsessive patriotic orientation of Overlord. She calls the picture “an explosion of righteous rage in which the company of good American boys cracks down on an SS gang consisting of child torturers, defilers of corpses, arsonist of icons, murderers and rapists.” “The Germans even spit on baseball,” the critic says ironically.


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