64% of Americans have a favorable opinion of the presenter but only 35% want her to run for president in 2020. Do Americans want Oprah Winfrey as president, an idea that has been buzzing since the Golden Globes? If most people like it, and it could beat Donald Trump They do not want to see her run for the White House, according to a poll. 35% in favor of a candidacy. According to this opinion poll conducted between Monday and Wednesday among a sample of 1,350 adults by the Marist Poll Institute for public radio NPR, 64% of Americans have a favorable opinion of this institution of American television that is ” “Oprah” became famous especially after having collected on the air for decades the confidences of celebrities from all walks of life. One in two Americans (50%) are even ready to vote Oprah if the presidential election was held now, against only 39% for Donald Trump. But as popular as this actress and 63-year-old businesswoman, only 35% of Americans want to see her run in 2020. Even among Democrats, only 47% want this billionaire to show up, compared to 15 % of Republicans. She would think “seriously”. The survey is the first since the Golden Globes Film and Television Awards Ceremony on Sunday, which has rekindled old rumors of Oprah’s possible bid. In front of an enthusiastic public, the one who was the first black woman to break into television gave a vibrant speech, announcing the arrival of a “new dawn” for women and girls abused by men. Some sources close to the star then said that it “seriously thought” of a candidacy, even if others denounced an always higher premium granted to stardom.

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