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Home News America's ambassador threatens German companies with sanctions

America's ambassador threatens German companies with sanctions

ZBetween the United States and Germany, new diplomatic tensions threaten a media report. Occasion should be letters of the American ambassador Richard Grenell to German enterprises, reports the "Bild am Sonntag". In it he threatens those involved in the construction of the controversial Russian Baltic Sea gas pipeline Nord Stream 2, with sanctions from America. If Nord Stream 2 and the TurkStream pipeline make the existing European gas import via Ukraine superfluous, it will lose its security significance, Grenell argues. This increases the danger of Russian intervention. In addition, the EU is dependent on Russia for energy security.

"As a result, firms supporting the construction of both pipelines are actively undermining the security of Ukraine and Europe," the newspaper quoted from the letter. "We emphasize that companies involved in the Russian energy export sector are participating in something that could entail a significant sanction risk."

Maas rejects criticism of the Americans

In the Foreign Office, the procedure met with incomprehension, wrote the newspaper. Grenell's action was not in accordance with diplomatic practices. A spokesman for Grenell said the letter was not meant to be a threat, but a clear message of American politics.

Foreign Minister Heiko Maas had clearly rejected the sharper criticism of the Americans on Nord Stream 2 on Thursday. Questions of European energy policy would have to be decided in Europe, not in the United States, said the SPD politician. Germany takes criticism seriously. However, the pipeline is not a German-Russian special way. Maas commented on the occasion of the New Year's reception of the Eastern European Association of German Business.



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