America’s Cup. The first giant flying carpet to take off is the AC75 American Magic!

The Americans are therefore the first to fly an AC75! Aboard one of these large 23-meter foiling monohulls which will compete in the next America’s Cup. The only image offered to the international press is dated yesterday, Tuesday, September 10, 2019, and signed by Amory Ross for the prestigious New York Yacht Club … this mythical NYYC which has launched the immense challenge of bringing back the ewer from money at home.

Dean Barker at the helm


Video of Team Magic’s little brother in flight: the AM38 “La Mule”

Another video of the American prototype

British and American prototypes in training

Defender Team New Zealand launched its 23-meter foiler

The very first images of the New Zealand AC 75

Close-up of the foils of the AC75 kiwi with exclusive Voiles et Voiliers design

Little is known about it except that it was Dean Barker – the New Zealand legend passed to the American enemy – who was at the helm and that the great bird mounted his foils for the first time. in Narragansett Bay, near Newport.

Le premier vol, hier. L’unique photo ! . | AMORY ROSS / NYYC AMERICAN MAGIC

A concept visibly close to the AM38 “La Mule”

It’s hard to say more in the sight of this image taken from the back, except that the levitation seems to be good. However, the concept seems very close to the 38-foot prototype nicknamed “The Mule”, whose flight videos have been causing a sensation for months on the web and networks. Team American Magic and their first AC75 will be based in Florida, in Pensacola, this winter. We can’t wait for them to lift another part of the veil on this incredible flying carpet, developed and built in the utmost secrecy. A little video, gentlemen Americans, perhaps? And a little info (s) in passing?

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America’s Cup. The first giant flying carpet to take off is the AC75 American Magic!

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