Amien Rais’s Mass Resignation of Ummat Party Management

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

A number of administrators Ummah Party resign. Initially, the two top party leaders of the Great Mozin and Neno Warisman who decided to resign from the party created by the former chairman of the MPR Amien Rais the.

Agung, who held the position of deputy general chairman, resigned at the end of August 2021. Then Neno Warisman, who served as deputy chairman of the shuro assembly, resigned in early October 2021.

Secretary of the Ummat Party Syuro Council, Ansufri Idrus Sambo, said Neno resigned because he wanted to focus on taking care of his son who was in Turkey.

Sambo said that the resignation letter was submitted to the Chairman of the Syuro Council, Amien Rais. According to him, there is an internal party mechanism if a member resigns.

“We do have a mechanism. If people resign like this, we can’t ban it, right, we only have a mechanism. We will hold a meeting of the Shura Council. What will the decision be in the Shura Council,” said Sambo, Saturday (2/10).

The general chairman of the Ummat Party, Ridho Rahmadi, did not want to bother after Agung and Neno resigned. Ridho said the resignation of two of his party’s top brass was not a big problem.

“God willing, it’s a small issue, we’re not snooping around, but God willing, it’s a small issue,” said Ridho at the Ummat Party DPP Office, Tebet, South Jakarta, Friday (8/10).

Ridho admitted that he did not know whether the two cadres would rejoin. He denied accusations that Neno and Mozin had resigned as an attempt to boost the party’s electability or popularity.

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The son-in-law of Amien Rais also denied that there were divisions within the Ummat party or the interests of cadres that were not accommodated. He emphasized that his party is still solid.

Fake is that what you mean So that we are bigger? No, God willing, we will use a more halal method, we will not use this kind of soap opera method, “said Ridho.

Not long after, 26 officials of the Depok City Ummat Party, West Java, resigned, including the deputy chairman of the Depok Ummat Party DPD Syahrial Chan.

In addition to Syahrial, those who resigned were generally members of the board of management for the Ummat party at the Depok City level, starting from the deputy chairman, secretary, and treasurer. Syahrial called the Depok Ummat Party sunk.

“The majority of the administrators disbanded. Guaranteed the truth, the Depok Ummat Party finally sank,” said Syahrial when confirmed,, Saturday (9/10).

Ridho confirmed the resignation of 26 cadres in the management of the Depok City Ummat Party DPD. He believes it happens naturally because they may have activities outside the party.

“Naturally, after joining the Ummat Party, then with this new activity in the Ummat party, sometimes it is not in sync with work, with personal activities,” said Ridho at the Ummat Party DPP office, Saturday (9/10).

The Ummat Party was declared by Amien Rais in Yogyakarta on April 29, 2021. Amien himself serves as Chairman of the Syuro Council of the Ummat Party. While his son-in-law, Ridho Rahmadi, served as general chairman.

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The Ummat Party has obtained the Decree of the Minister of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia Number M.HH-13.AH.11.01 of 2021 dated August 20, 2021 concerning the Ratification of the Legal Entity of the Ummah Party.

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