Aminata announces summer solo concert / Day

In the solo concert, Aminata will offer listeners both his biggest hits and unheard songs from the upcoming album. Its name will also be On the wild side.

In early spring this year, Aminata with Universal Music A new songwriting camp was organized with the support of various very talented and well – known Latvian artists. Cooperation with some took place for the first time, such as with a group Astro’n’out Māra Upmanis-Holstein, with whom the title track of the upcoming album was made.

“The songs that were made in the creative camp I like so much, inspire and give new strength so much that I can’t just wait for them to be performed by the audience,” emphasizes Aminata. “I experimented a lot with the new songs, so I seem to be showing myself an unprecedented artistic side on the upcoming album.”

Aminata also makes no secret of the fact that it has not been possible to decide for quite some time whether this is the right time for concerts at all, because morality is not easy. However, the desire to express oneself creatively in public gives new impetus, so it was decided in favor of organizing a summer solo concert.

“Despite the various obstacles, I realized that I wanted to express my feelings the way I could best – with new songs, new music,” adds Aminata.

“And there is no better place to do it than at a concert that can be attended by the public again. Therefore, I look forward to a hopefully sunny and warm August evening and I am really glad to be one of the first artists to perform on the new stage of the Andrejosta quarter on the Daugava. ashore! “

Tickets for the concert can be purchased at the ticket service